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Rioned UK Limited
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United Kingdom

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Drain Cleaning Tools and Accessories

Rioned offers an extensive range of accessories, developed to give a more effective and professional use of the high pressure jetting machine.

Hyrdaulic Root CutterHydraulic Root Cutters

The Rioned hydraulic root cutter is the “best seller” from our program of high pressure jetting accessories. Besides cutting roots it also removes with ease blockages of hard grease, compacted sand, soil or other solid obstructions in drains and sewers.

Download Root Cutter Datasheet Download Hydraulic Root Cutter Product Information




Rioned FiberCam

Fibre Cam Drain Inpsection CameraThe FiberCam is a robust camera that works very well in larger drains and sewers around the houses and commercial premises.

Specials guides are available, some with brushes, keep the camera centralized inside the pipes.

The self-levelling camera head give a continuous upright image. The FiberCam has a 8.4” high resolution TFT screen with USB data recorder. Just plug in a USB memory stick and press record.

This camera system is made for drains from Ø 70-250 mm and will negotiate right angle bends from Ø 100 mm. A 130º angle objective guarantees exceptionally good vision on curves.

Download Fiber Cam Download Fibre Cam Product Information