EX-STOCK: CityJet Van-Pack Drain Jetter

SKU: 95257

The most popular van-pack drain jetter in the world, the CityJet van pack jetter can be used for sewer and drain cleaning with a maximum diameter of 450 mm.

    • Cityjet 200 bar/72 lpm (3000psi @ 16gpm)

    • Kubota WG1605 Petrol Engine

    • 7 Channel Remote Control (with remote start/stop)

    • eControl+

    • 80m Maxflow ½” Lightweight Sewer Jetting Hose

    • RioMeter hosemetercounter

    Please note: The machine in the picture is for illustrative purposes. Availability and delivery time of ex-stock, demo and used machines are subject to change. Contact us for more information.

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