HandMatic set 110V with spring and case

SKU: 10250005006
  • Automatic spring feed
  • Closed spring drum
  • Perfect for pipes with a max. diameter of 75 mm
The HandMatic is an electric spring machine which is suitable for cleaning drains up to 75 mm. The HandMatic will be supplied with a drill, a 7,5 m x 8 mm cable and a case.
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HandMatic set 110V with spring and case

The spring drum is closed, preventing walls and floors from becoming dirty during operation. The automatic spring feed unit guides the spring in and out of the drum. The springs have coiled bulbous heads and the 10 mm spring has the unique Rioned square coupling system, allowing different types of tools to be used depending on the type of blockage.

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Product Specifications
Diameter pipe 12-75 mm
Diameter spring cleaning 6 mm,8 mm, 10 mm
Weight incl. spring 6 kg
Maximum dba 84
Spring length 7,5-,10 m

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