Drain Jetter Hire - Short and Long-term Rentals

Drainage Equipment Rental

Riohire - The Simple Way to Hire Drain Cleaning Equipment

With a large UK fleet of rental units, our customers are able to satisfy their jetting demands by utilising our drain jetter hire and jetvac combination tanker services. RioHire offers a flexible solution for contractors, whether renting equipment on a short-term basis to meet increased demand or undertaking a contract over a longer period. We can supply and install high-pressure jetters and accessories into customer-owned vehicles as well as the provision of fully equipped and maintained vehicles.

Customers also choose rentals as a method of testing demand before purchasing. With a simple hire process and full maintenance coverage, our industry compliant solutions represent a great way to begin your journey with Rioned. We have a variety of units available, including smaller portable jetters, jetter van-packs and 7.5t jetvac combination units for a complete range of drain jetting and sewer suction tasks.

Van-Pack Drain Jetter Hire

A simple hire agreement and proof of insurance can have you driving away an operation-ready, industry compliant drain jetting van in less than an hour.

Drain Jetter HireStandard Jetting Equipment

  • Rioned Jetter with Remote and eControl+
  • 3000 psi @ 13 GPM Jetting Capacity
  • 600L water tank
  • Lance and pistol
  • Drain bar

 The Vehicle Specification

  • Ford Transit LWB or similar with central bulkhead
  • Beacons, work lights and LED interior lights
  • Racking and storage for drain tubes
  • Exterior “Chapter 8” chevron signage
  • Invertor and night heater
  • First aid kits, eyewash and DEB handwash stations

Rioned Van Pack (Standard Van, Jetter and Maintenance Package)

Up to 13 weeks

£450.00 + VAT per week

3 to 13 months

£350.00 + VAT per week

13 to 36 months

£320.00 + VAT per week

36 + months

£290.00 + VAT per week


RioHire Jet/vac Combination Units

Riocom 7.5t Jet/Vac Combination UnitRioCom Jet/Vac combination units are a powerful, compact solution ideal for urban areas with limited access or subject to congestion and emissions regulations. Available for long and short-term rental.

RioCom Specification

  • 7.5 tonne
  • Suction capacity of 8300 lpm
  • High-pressure pump capacity of 2200psi @ 22gpm
  • 3000 litres watertank (2000ltr waste/1000ltr clean)
  • Secure shuttered storage for CCTV system and tools
  • eControl+ as Standard
  • Full radio remote control for single-man operation

Rioned Combination Units

Combi Units ( 7.5 tonne ) 

6 to 12 months      

£750.00** + VAT per week

12 to 24 months

£625.00** + VAT per week

24 to 36 months

£550.00** + VAT per week

36 + months

£525.00** + VAT per week


Take advantage of full maintenance coverage to try our best-in-class van-packs before you buy. Customers who choose to buy at the end of the rental period will receive a two-week rebate.

** Excludes PMI Inspections and O licensing requirements.

The Rates published are fixed for the duration of the hire period, depending on the agreed hire period.

  • Example 1: Rioned Van Pack, contractual hire period 8 weeks, actual hire period 20 weeks. Amount due will be 20 x £450 = £9,000 + VAT.
  • Example 2: Rioned Van Pack, contractual hire period 14 weeks, actual hire period 20 weeks. Amount due will be 20 x £350 = £7,000 + VAT

Penalties applicable for units returned earlier than the contracted hire period, see Terms & Conditions for more details. Please note: Full servicing / maintenance including tyres, brakes etc. available on all units – P.O.A. A 4 week deposit is required for non-account customers (or payment in full prior to release if less than 4 weeks) and 8 weeks deposit prior to order confirmation for custom modified contract hires of 2-years or more (all customers).

Please contact us for more detailed availability and pricing.