SKU: 22110658000
  • Height under 1.85 metres for underground parking access
  • Aluminum tank 1.200 litres total capacity (400 clean / 800 litres waste water)
  • 4 wheel drive; 3,2 tons Ford Ranger chassis
  • Powerful high pressure and vacuum pump
  • Compact dimensions
The Urban Combi is a compact 4 wheel drive combination-unit for operation in height restricted areas and narrow city streets. With a maximum height of 1.85 meters and our latest addition to the sophisticated Rioned mini-combi offering demonstrates a true engineering achievement and can be driven and operated in the most difficult to reach places.


Size truly isn’t everything! The UrbanCombi has two powerful pumps that will make light work of the most stubborn blockages as well as having a 4WD chassis suitable for use on difficult terrain, in rural areas and all weather conditions. The aluminium construction reduces the weight of the vehicle, and a pivoting high pressure and suction reel ensure the unit is incredibly easy to operate.

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Product Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5500 x 1950 x 1850 mm
Pressure regulator Type Speck wih automatic bypass
HD-reel 135° pivoting, hydraulic drive
HD-hose 80 metres NW13 (1/2")
Attachments spray gun with lance
Vacuum pump GD SLS54V (325m3/hour)
Water tank 800 litres waste water/400 litres clean water
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