RioCom 7.5t Jetvac Combination Unit

SKU: 22110679000
  • 3.000 litres watertank (2.000 l waste / 1.000 l clean)
  • Fully radio remote controlled jetvac cleaning
  • Compact gully tanker dimensions
  • Secure, shuttered storage space
  • Mechanical tank level indicator for wastewater

The 7.5t RioCom jetvac unit is a popular choice with drainage contractors and utility companies because of its manoeuvrability in urban areas with limited access. The vehicle is a ULEZ compliant combi unit due to its PTO drive and can also be driven without an HGV licence by anyone who passed their test before 1997. This compact sewage tanker is built on a Mitsubishi Fuso Canter chassis featuring a Euro 6 turbo-charged, direct-injection engine. The RioCom jetvac combi incorporates a powerful Jurop PNR82 pump with a suction capacity of 1800 gpm and a high-pressure pump with a capacity of 2200 psi / 22 gpm.

RioCom 7.5t Jetvac Combination Unit

Additional secure storage space has also been added to our combination units, due to recommended changes to the ‘’New Road and Street Works Act’’. There is a requirement for contractors to carry more equipment when working on UK highways, so we have added additional secure, shuttered storage space without adding to the overall weight. The unique radio remote control system affords genuine single person operation with simple intuitive controls. The pivoting high-pressure reel provides optimum ergonomics and ease of use.

Finance available from under £300 per week.

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jetvac sewage tanker
Product Specifications
Remote control Riomote 7-channel radio remote
Stowage Lockable compartments at both sides of the tank (roller shutter doors optional), hose storage boxes
Pressure regulator Type Speck wih automatic bypass
HD-reel 180° zwenkbaar, hydraulisch
HD-hose 80 metres NW13 (1/2")
Engine PTO
Vacuum pump Jurop PNR 82, oil lubricated, compressed air cooled, 8.200 litres per minute / 0,8 bar suction and 0,5 bar pressure
Fillreel 35 metres NW19
Water tank 3.000 litres
Suckreel Direct connected to tank. At kerb side with 17 ca. metres 3'' hose or 20 meters 2.5'' hose

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